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Inheritance Law

You have inherited a certain estate or property in Heilbronn or wider Germany? You have problems understanding what this Erbschein that you are asked for is or how to get it?

I can help you understand how German Inheritance law functions and can provide you with assistance in the process of gaining access to your inheritance or challenging the rightfulness of the inheritance process held in Germany.

To keep the things in the light, let’s just briefly go through the main terms in German Inheritance Law.


Fundamentals of German Inheritance Law

The German Certificate of Inheritance (Erbschein) - an official certificate with which you show that you are the rightful heir to the deceased.

The process of issuing the German Certificate of Inheritance (Erbscheinsverfahren) – the process which starts with the application for the German Certificate of Inheritance. As the processes of application and issuing the certificate can take a bit more time than expected, it is advisable that you get informed about whether or not you need the certificate, and if yes, which one do you need (there are six different types of German Certificate of Inheritance).

It must be noted here that in German law, the will is not necessary to have in order to inherit something. The German Inheritance Law is based on the code of universal succession. What does this mean? The first in inheritance line will be the heir to the deceased. In case there are no living heirs, the property belongs to the state.

Keep in mind the following:

  • The law usually determines the period of time during which you can claim your inheritance.
  • Both the rights and obligations, i.e. wealth and debts can be inherited, so upon accepting the inheritance you might want to look at whether or not the potential debts equal or exceed the potential gain.
  • You have the right to reject the inheritance, which will in that case pass to German state if there are no other known heir(s).



I can help you with:

  • Counselling on drafting a will or an inheritance agreement
  • Claiming and protecting the rights to inherit
  • The representation in inheritance lawsuits
  • Business succession, entrepreneurial will, and the design of social agreements
  • Inheritance tax

Sometimes, inheritance is not a smooth process. If you are in a situation that you are treated unjustly or denied the rights to inherit, the inheritance processes may be very complex.

I offer counselling in the following matters:

  • Proving the claim to inherit and determining the amount of inheritance you are entitled to
  • Acquiring the certificate of inheritance
  • Challenging will
  • Execution of will
  • Dispute among family members
  • Resolving dispute among the community of heirs
  • Enforcement in the inheritance line

If you are located abroad, I will represent you at German courts and make sure that your interests are protected.