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Insolvency Law

The failure of a company has detrimental effects for both the business partners and leaders and the employees. The liquidation and elimination of failed business is no longer the only way to take when it comes to the solving insolvency problems.

The legislative practice in the modern insolvency law aims to produce a satisfactory solution which will have positive outcomes for all the parties involved. The focus is on re-organization of financial and corporate structures of debtors who find themselves in a financial distress as a means of setting the basis for rehabilitation of the business in question in order to help it to continue with its work.

As a specialist for Insolvency Law, I provide legal advice and counseling to my clients in all aspects of insolvency law.

These include:

  • Drafting and developing the insolvency plans
  • Implementation of insolvency plans
  • Negotiations with the creditors and the insolvency administrator/executor
  • Filing the insolvency claims
  • The enforcement of rights
  • Offsetting of financial assets in Insolvency Law (§§ 94-96 InsO, German Insolvency Act)
  • Self-management during the insolvency proceedings (§ 270 ff InsO)
  • Planning and implementation of the proposed remediation measures
  • The certificate of the fulfilled duty to file for insolvency (Prüfung der Insolvenzantragspflicht)
  • Implementation of private and corporate insolvents’ discharge
  • Legal representation in insolvency proceedings
  • Insolvency litigation and the interpretation of the law on insolvency proceedings
  • Debt offsetting
  • Defense against insolvency charges (§§ 129-147 InsO)
  • Contractual relationships in insolvency
  • The handling of employment issues in insolvency
  • Corporate law and insolvency